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Common Foot Problems

Calcaneal Apophysitis (Sever’s Disease) In Children

The most common cause of heel pain in children is Calcaneal Apophysitis, also known as Sever’s Disease. Contributors to the condition primarily include increased athletic activity. And there’s no way to “cure” it. So, what can you do to treat Calcaneal Apophysitis? Read on to learn!

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Bunion Surgery

Bunions & Bunion Surgery in Palm Beach County

Bunions affect billions (yes, with a B) of people worldwide, causing foot pain and deformities that affect everything from the look of the feet to the way a person walks. Bunions can cause pain and other foot issues, so addressing bunions once they begin to form is a meaningful step in the prevention of further issues.

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Foot Issues

Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Testing

Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density testing is becoming the gold-standard in testing for the presence of SFPN. Unlike other tests, Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density testing is able to test the nerves in question using high-performance technology to “see through” to the issue and determine its degree of severity.

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Amniotic Injections

Wound Care in Podiatry

The appearance of a foot ulcer is one such indication of an underlying disease, often Diabetes. It can also be linked with peripheral arterial disease, heart attack, stroke, renal disease and poor circulation. Comprehensive foot wound care in Boynton Beach from a podiatrist can improve the health of your feet and is shown to reduce amputation rates by 45-85% in patients.

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