Wound Care in Podiatry

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Foot Wound Care in Boynton Beach

The health of your feet is paramount to the wellbeing of your body. And if you experience chronic or non-healing foot wounds, it is often indicative of a much more concerning, underlying health issue. This is where the expertise of a podiatrist who specializes in wound care can save your limbs, and your life. 

Foot Ulcers & Wounds

The appearance of a foot ulcer is one such indication of an underlying disease, often Diabetes. It can also be linked with peripheral arterial disease, heart attack, stroke, renal disease and poor circulation. Comprehensive foot wound care in Boynton Beach from a podiatrist can improve the health of your feet and is shown to reduce amputation rates by 45-85% in patients.

But many people don’t even know that they are developing a possibly life-threatening foot wound or ulcer. This can be due to the process of “Neuropathy”. Over time, elevated blood glucose levels can create nerve damage, resulting in a reduced or complete inability to feel pain in the lower leg(s) and foot. A podiatrist in Boynton Beach can check for Neuropathy by administering a simple and painless in-office test.

Symptoms of Foot Ulcers and Foot Wounds

Symptoms of a foot wound or ulcer include pain (if nerve damage is not present), redness, swelling, drainage or odor. Each of these symptoms are dependent on the progression of the foot wound. Since foot ulcers are often caused by a loss of circulation and feeling in the area, it’s critical to perform a visual check on the lower limbs often, especially for those managing their Diabetes. Being vigilant about checking for foot wounds is the first line of prevention in the progression of underlying disease(s) and painful interventions – or even foot amputation. 

Diabetes and Wound Care

Approximately 12-15% of people with diabetes develop foot ulcers. Of those patients, many experience foot amputation as a result of the ulceration. Studies show that the 5-year mortality rate of those who had a diabetes-related amputation was between 39% and 68%. With that said, a foot ulcer or non-healing foot wound of any kind on the lower limbs should be taken care of immediately by a specialized wound care podiatrist in Boynton Beach as early as possible. Your health depends on it.

Early intervention is linked to saving not only limbs, but disease progression that can affect the vascular system and heart. Early intervention at the first sign of a foot wound is essential in maintaining overall wellness and preventing infection and amputation. Especially for those with Diabetes, your health and quality of life depends on being vigilant about your foot, ankle and lower limb care.

Wound Care Appointment 

During a lower limb or foot appointment, the podiatrist will complete a 4-point diagnosis, examining the vascular, dermatologic, orthopedic, and neurologic health of the foot wound. They may also test for Neuropathy, as mentioned before, to see if nerve damage is present. Understanding things like medical history and any other known diseases is critical in helping to diagnose the causes of the foot wound or ulcer, as its presence is an indication of a greater health issue.

Wound Care Today

Once the podiatrist has diagnosed your condition, they may employ one or several techniques to restore the health of the foot and lower limb. Such treatments include cleaning the wound, reducing or removing pressure from the foot or limb, removing dead skin and tissue from the area, and following up with a medication protocol or blood-glucose management regimen. They may also recommend seeing another specialist in Boynton Beach to help treat the other symptoms that have contributed or caused the foot wound or ulcer. 

Much has been discovered about foot wound care over the years, and solutions that were popular before are no longer utilized in wound care today. Appropriate wound care today includes the use of dressings, ointments/topical medications, antibiotics, and even growth factors, skin grafts and skin substitutes. Our team of podiatrists will be the best source for helping prevent any disease progression while helping to successfully get your wounds to heal.

Your podiatrist may be the first stop in a series of medical interventionists that prevent underlying disease(s) from spreading. Our team-oriented focus on the holistic health of the individual is a leading principle of our podiatric practice, as wound care often precedes the need to address other issues. At County Wide Foot, Ankle & Wound Care Associates, we are honored to serve the needs of the Boynton Beach community by helping to diagnose, treat and restore foot health.